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Group Conduct

Post  FraG on Tue Jul 23, 2013 1:25 am

Hi guys,

Just a reminder to say that conduct on blaze is very important... we have always had very respectful drivers on and off track, and it's the one thing that we can be really proud of I think. For sure accidents will happen and in that moment you are angry, but flaming drivers is not tolerated as we are all good friends, and it's really not what blaze is about. Blaze has always been community based, they are a fantastic group of guys, some of which we have known for many years.

On the home page of the blaze website there is ONLY one rule...

"We always welcome new racers, all we ask is that you drive fair and respect other drivers."

If you have an accident and you want it investigated, it is no problem, but do it via the admins after the race please.

Stay cool! Razz 

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