VLN 2005 mod :-).

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VLN 2005 mod :-).

Post  Milan1NL on Mon Nov 03, 2014 5:15 am


i have a download link(s) that you can download the VLN mod without GTR Evolution! Maybe can Misc start a server with the VLN 2005 car mod ? hehe...

Here are the links:

Link 1 for the car mod: mediafire.com ?mmmhuzqwjz3

Link 2 for the rfm fix: mediafire.com ?boyeznjmjwz (<< you must overwrite all the files in the rfm folder!!).

So Misc? Can you please start a test server with the VLN 2005 mod ? Razz Razz Razz hahah....

Greets Wink


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