New Update 04

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New Update 04

Post  MISC-NL on Sat Dec 21, 2013 6:04 am

Very Happy 
Early Access 0.4 : Changelog 

- New car BMW M3 E30 Group A 
- New car BMW Z4 GT3 
- New car Ferrari 599XX Evoluzione 
- New car Ferrari F40 
- New track Autodromo di Monza 
- New bonus track Drag race 1000m and 400m 
- Upgrade Ferrari 458 S3 
- Upgrade Ferrari F40 S3 
- Modifications on fuel consume of cars with turbo engines 
- Modifications on the engine rev limiter of BMW M3 E92 Drift 
- Modifications on Tatuus FA01 setup packer range 
- New Special Events Mode with medals and achievements implemented 
- Shared memory struct updated 
- Drag Race mode implemented 
- Camera on board :: resets far plane 
- Replay :: fixed leaderboard app in replay mode 
- Fixed triple screen change gear animations going too fast 
- Improved all change gear animations 
- Screen capture (F8) allows to select screenshot between PNG,JPG,BMP 
- Time Attack checkpoints hidden in replays 
- Mouse steering implemented 
- Fixed Triple Screen in Track cameras (F3) 
- Fixed large replay loading 
- Camera Random (F2) improvements 
- Fixed Tyre Tester app in replay mode

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